“Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.”

Born and raised in valley surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains of Nepal, I came to United States for higher education and sublime opportunities. Over last 4 years in United States, I lived an independent life away from family, managing classes, work and social life and gaining new life experiences throughout the process.

The whole idea behind this website is to put a step forward into my professional career. Not only I hope to put my work and experiences in this websites, I also plan to share my knowledge and explore my ideas which keeps me up in the night. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is my start. I am not hoping this to be a ladder to climb up to reach my goals. I just hope to learn, improve and win.


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Facebook has my information and I don’t care. Here’s why you should.

“Data is beautiful. Information is Power.” Information plays a huge role in how we handle matters in day to day life. Our life moves on finding information and taking action in whatever we indulge ourselves into. A small bit of information lands a big deal or even start a war. There is no doubt that … Continue reading Facebook has my information and I don’t care. Here’s why you should.

Microsoft’s AI – “Tay” – What went wrong

Artificial Intelligence is a field of study that is constantly growing and changing. Computer scientists around the world have been doing tons of research and study to make artificial intelligence possible and better. The long history of AI has so far shown many promises of technologies like these being possible. Companies like Microsoft have done … Continue reading Microsoft’s AI – “Tay” – What went wrong

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