7 Minute Trainer for Federated Insurance


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Project Scope

Project Objective

The main objective of this project is to create and design a web and mobile application that can help Federated Insurance to run their safety training program effectively. This application will be easily accessible through electronic devices like phones, tablets and computers to help supervisors run their scheduled safety training workshops.

BLR will provide all their own set of training information related to specific companies. The application will include all the specific training information.

The application will also keep record of peoples who attended the meeting, location and time. It will also have quizzes and its results which will be documented by admins for future use. In case of any incidents, the application will record the details of incidents and document it. There will also be a feedback option where users can rate the training process and application. The goal of feedback option is to enhance the ability of application in future.


This application will be able to provide value added service to Federated Insurance’s customers. This application should be able to minimize the risks at workplace by keeping workers aware of safety instruction through the application. Since this application records the incidents, admins will be able to point out common incident issues at workplace and help resolve it and improve safety.

Project Summary:

This project took me and my team through Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from creating Business rules to implementing the application. The application was designed to conduct trainings for Federated Insurance’s vendor. The web application had training contents which could be accessed by foreman to conduct training and take attendance, vendors could manage content and administrator could manage users and manager to manage meetings. Each user could login from different portals and navigate through the user-friendly website which could be accessed through Computers and mobile devices.

Tools Used: Apache Server, Amazon Cloud, MySQL and FileZilla (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

Skills Used: SQL, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Software Development Cycle (SDLC)

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