Cryptolocker – Trojan Horse


Ever seen this message?

If not, then you are lucky. But this does not mean you wont ever get it.

What is this?

This is a message which appears on your Windows device when it is attacked by ransomware known as Cryptolocker. The attacker sends an email with a password-protected ZIP file pretending to be from a legitimate source. When user installs this file into their system, it locks the computer and asks money to the user for the private key to unlock the computer.

How to prevent this threat?

Since the attacker depends on phishing, user should be aware of emails from senders you don’t know. And the person should never open it. Also, Cryptolocker hides the extension from its real name and acts as .exe extension of the harmful file. So user should disable hidden file extension in order to recognize this kind of malicious virus.

What to do if I am the victim?

Never pay the attackers for the private key. It’s a business for attackers and make profit off this. And always have a back up for your files. That’s always the best plan.

Why is it a threat?

Cryptolocker makes document inaccessible due to its encryption. This leads to loss of data and important files.

Common prevention methods?

  • Think before you click links in the email
  • Update software regularly
  • Use anti viruses which can prevent you from getting such email or that blocks you the links where this virus lies


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