How Will Music Change in Future?

With the revolution in different technologies, the growth in musical industry was inevitable. From vinyl player to iPod which could store thousands of songs to live music streams on every portable and non portable devices. This is how far music has evolved till now. And I would not be wrong to say that its evolution has not stopped yet. With millions of dollars being spent on Artificial Intelligence, a technology that is actively growing and changing, the way music is now will definitely change in future. Stephen Witt (2015), writer of fictional article “Is the Future of Music a Chip in Your Brain?” talks about how music will be controlled by the changes in hormones and outer environment 25 years from now.

Witt (2015) writes “Your life is scored like a movie, with swelling crescendos for the good parts, plaintive, atonal plunks for the bad, and fuzz-pedal guitar for the erotic. The DJ’s ability to read your emotional state approaches clairvoyance.” With the chip in our brain which reacts to different changes of impulses in our nervous system, there will be different and perfect music for every situation and this could be a breakthrough in music. There will only be a music that we love and is played for us. “Mood-affiliated procedural remixing” is the term that scientist use to define this technology. And not only music, these chips will control every part of our life and gives a glimpse of our mind controlling our diets through refrigerators.

I would not say that this technology is not possible. There is every reason to believe the possibility of this technology with the resources we have. And with companies like Google and Apple competing in musical industry by investing millions of dollars for better ways of music, the future is near. And putting chips on brain is possible hence why not do it for music and other part of our life? Mary-Ann Russon (2015) writes on her article for IBTimes “Darpa ‘already implanting chips in brains of wounded US soldiers returning from Middle East” that A new book written about the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) says that wounded soldiers returning from campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq are having computer chips implanted in their brains to help them heal. We have these technologies around us and soon it will take over different parts of technology.

With chips controlling the music on our brain and preparing diet for us, it may feel like we are being controlled by machines. Change in hormones and impulses in brain is transmitted to the chip which does its calculations and algorithms and performs its task like playing music or sending message to our refrigerator for diets to eat to stay healthy. Suddenly, the choice about our life is not ours to make but computers does make better choice for us. The way we communicate with people might change and we might be limited to ourselves than the future world. Humans might not communicate directly to each other which might lead to more degraded social life. Today in 2016, our social life has changed due to advancement in technology. Humans would be loner which is not the way its supposed to be.

Idea of having a chip and having a personalized DJ who plays the songs you like is a brilliant idea. We will never have to scroll our music library through our phones and computers and compromise with the songs we click to play. But with this technology, there is no bad songs because our brain will love the songs that is created by our life’s history and hormone. This also would mean that it opens up space for many different revolution in technologies. Not only music but also communication, getting ambulances or any other services that can be known by the hormonal or impulses changes.

Michael Snyder (2013) writes on his article A CHIP IN THE HEAD: BRAIN IMPLANTS WILL BE CONNECTING PEOPLE TO THE INTERNET BY THE YEAR 2020 that For now, most of the scientists that are working on brain implant technology do not seem to be too worried about those kinds of concerns.  Instead, they are pressing ahead into realms that were once considered to be impossible. This is certainly a good news for the future of this technology and everyone would be thrilled when the future is here.


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