My Take on Code of Ethics in Information Technology

Confidentiality, Integrity and Accuracy are three important part of Information technology field. IT professionals are required to understand these to help in decision making by reducing ambiguity of our perspective ethically.  The role of code of ethics in Information technology is to maintain honesty and respect privacy in a manner that make IT profession one of integrity and professionalism.

The code of ethics is about knowing our self and being honest about our capability, striving for knowledge and demonstrating and sharing our knowledge through projects, leadership and encourage others to do so. It is also about conducting our business in a professional manner by respecting privacy and confidentiality of our coworkers and customers.

Communication-related issues are often mentioned in IT code of ethics. These issues are involved when providing clear definition and assignment of responsibilities, awareness and training, testing of systems, documentation, providing clear steps in given technical tasks, gathering information from customers and sharing knowledge to other people.

Code of ethics serve both internal and external audiences. Certain code of ethics for maintaining privacy of coworkers and customers serves both internally and externally. Decision making for employees is easier and chances of breaching of ethics is low which is good for customers. IT code of ethics talks about integrity, confidentiality and accuracy which is very important for both internal and external audiences.

IT code of ethics talks mainly about maintaining professionalism, being honest about work and capability and respecting privacy and confidentiality. These code of ethics covers scope from corporate level to workgroup level to customer level. As long as it maintains these three things, there is nothing within the code of ethics I disagree with or change.

Code of ethics is helps in decision making. It makes people define what behavior are acceptable, promote high standard of practice, provides back bone for professional behavior and responsibilities and helps maintain good relational and respect among coworkers and customers. This is why fields, organizations and businesses have a code of ethics in place.

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